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About Harlequin Bistro

The Harlequin Bistro represents a long- held dream for chef Dean Marren and his partner Dominique Marshall. With his twenty plus years in catering he has the experience and passion to make this little eaterie something to be very proud of. Helping him to achieve this, in the kitchen, is Scott Greenwood. Dean and Scott have worked together for the last two years developing into a strong, calm, steady team that compliment each other. Scotts particular strengths are the wonderful desserts he makes. The chocolate brownie is amazing, and well worth the twenty million weight watchers points its sure to contain!

Front of house you will find Sarah Moorehouse. She has also worked with Dean for a number of years and knows all about looking after customers. Along with our part time staff, we look forward to welcoming you.

Situated on the Main Keighley road through the village of Cowling, the Harlequin is an imposing building.

A former co-op, it offers a spacious bar area and, for all its high ceilings, a surprisingly intimate diningroom.

Newly refurbished and decorated, the atmosphere is warm and friendly, relaxed and unpretentious. We are all about good food, good wine and good company!




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